Thursday, February 24, 2011

Felt with the Heart

My House

The past couple weeks have been crazy doing projects and being out of town and working on my house. So...I have lots to post...
This is my kitchen which is always a little crazy. My family teases me saying if they weren't around I would probably have everything in children's sizes and every room would look like a children's book.

The blue and red tiles on the backsplash are not up there permanently! They are only there until I really tile the backsplash which I hope will be soon!!
 I made the bunnies out of clay pressed into a butter mold. I have used these same bunnies to make knobs.

 Bunny Knobs

 There is a fireplace in the kitchen. And an English sheepdog named Daphne.

The kitchen looks out on a screened in porch.
 Another "portable" backsplash.
 Butler's pantry

My chicken coop with no chickens at all.
But lots of sheep and bunnies.

Be Kind Be Sweet Be Nice to Everyone You Meet

Be Kind Be Sweet Be Nice to Everyone You Meet
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S is for Shepherd
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