Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great Day at the Studio

So fun at the studio today!! Made some new friends and one I would like to tell you about.
Her name is Nora and she is a nurse and had a recurrence of breast cancer this summer. This bout involved lots of surgery and her dear sister came to town to help her recover. Well, her sister introduced her to EMBROIDERY!! And that was her saving grace. With her very limited movement she was still able to learn to embroider and she and her sister started making what sounds like the most adorable baby blankets. She said people have told her that they will never use them because they are too precious.  I asked Nora if she would bring one by one day so I could see her handiwork! Hope she does. If she does i will ask permission to show you as well.
I have some bolts of some of my favorite fabric at the studio and Nora bought two that she wants to make her next baby blanket from!!
So here are some more photos from the studio today.
 Added some Folkmanis puppets...Donkey, Sheepdog, Rabbit,Packrat,Ostrich (that way if I ever have lulls in my days, I will never be lonely!) I think puppets make great gifts for kids and adults. Before my mother died and was so sick in the hospital and couldn't talk, I took her a dog puppet and she loved it! It was the dog who was able to greet all the friends that came by!?

 A new purse is wearing one of my new 3D angels and a bow.
 One of my original design wooden jug lamps
 A BIG salad bowl

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Studio/Shop is Open Tomorrow

The studio/shop is finally open. Well it will be open Thursdays in October. Then There will be a big opening in December when I hope to be open everyday.
Here are some things that came out of the kiln this week.

The shop has lots of different things. Please come by if you are in the Houston area. It is on 2978 across from Bear Branch Junior High and next to Ella Antiques.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Plate Series

I am imagining these plates as a series in a kitchen. They are made of wood and painted with acrylic paint. They all have a fruit or vegetable and measure about 10". They are all originals and are for sale here.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Video From the Creative Connection

I just found this video from the Creative Connection Event last month in Minneapolis.

It was posted by

So fun to see it!
Thanks Laurie for including me!!

5 Best Things About "Handpainted" Tiles

I am almost through with a three bathroom tile project for one of my favorite friends and clients. I can't wait to show you a finished project. They were supposed to be installed today, but the installer postponed it to Monday...

So ...when these bathrooms are finished I am hoping to show you an open studio/shop this Thursday...

Okay, so now then, back to the title....

The 5 Best things about "handpainted tile"
1. You will own a one of a kind original piece of art.

2. They are easy to clean

3. They can be any color with any picture or words on them

4. They can be any shape: round,rectangular, square, hexagonal

5.They can be 3 dimensional

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Be Kind Be Sweet Be Nice to Everyone You Meet
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