Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother's day in the USA

Mother's Day is May 8th this year. I was thinking about gifts I have received in the past and gifts I have given.
I guess I am most grateful myself for gifts from the heart. So as I was thinking about putting a small gift together for my shop i thought about what is something relatively small, not too expensive, heartfelt, could be used everyday or at least left out and not have to be stored in a closet or drawer. This is what I came up with. Find it here. They are wooden spools with a poem that reads:

as you use the twine
remember you are always mine
god gave me one mom and it was you
to love today and my whole life through

twine can be used to tie a knot
around something to hold it taut
just as your arms surround me so
and hold me tight dont let me go

twine is also used to tie some bows
oh mom you will never know
how much i love you everyday
let me express this 

Mothers Day

Monday, April 25, 2011

Booksigning on Saturday in Houston

There is a cute little bookstore in Houston that reminds me of the one in the movie "You've Got Mail". I was there a couple of weeks ago for a friend's book signing and fell in love with the shop. They have a beautiful selection of every kind of book. Well... someone mentioned that I had written a couple books and the owner had me bring them in the next week and now they carry them there AND he asked if I would do a book signing. So the week has come for that.
This Saturday April 30 I will be at The River Oaks Book Store from 3-5pm. 
The address is :
3270 Westheimer Road    
  Houston, TX 77098     
(713) 520-0061.
Please tell any friends you know in Houston to come by and say hello. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Some New Things at the Studio

I am at the studio every day this week from 10-4 except Wed. when we will be there at 12. Call 281-784-0755.
on 2978 in magnolia across from Bear Branch Junior High.

Easter Things in The Woodlands Town Center and free gift

If you are still looking for a special Easter gift and are in The Woodlands, you can come to my studio or you can go to the heart of Town Center. The Woodlands Methodist Church on the corner of Lake Woodlands and Lake Front. They have a gift shop called "Gracepoint". And Penny who runs the shop has been so nice to give me my own venue inside the store.
I have lots of Easter things, my books and CD's and some handpainted pottery and crosses. They are open on Monday-Thursday from 9-3pm. They are also open on Sunday morning.
And there is  a cafe as well.

If you go there and buy 2 of my books, you will get a free Easter cross. But you will have to tell Penny because I am only telling you about the free gift!

Friday, April 15, 2011


I am so grateful for all my sweet friends who came by the studio for the book signing by Camille Rodriquez yesterday!
It was fun and sweet and the studio has never looked better thanks to Sarah Schwandt!

So if you didn't get to stop by yesterday for Easter and the Big Sale, you still can today and tomorrow and next week as well.
I will be posting everything tonight on my website so that those of you from far away can also come to the studio!!

Have a grateful day!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Studio Invite

I am having a book signing tomorrow Thursday April 14th at the studio for my friend Camille Rodriquez . She has written a brand new book called "When I Die" which is fun and humorous and all about living life to the fullest. It's small easy to read and great. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm sure you will as well.
The signing is from 5-7pm. Go to the end of Woodlands Pkwy and take a right on 2978. The studio is on the left across from Bear Branch Jr. High.
The studio is full of new Easter things as well as lots of items on sale.
We will be open all day Friday and next week as well. Call us 281-785-0755.

 A 7" salad size plate


 tartan pillow

Monday, April 11, 2011

Being Grateful

I found a blog that I love and you can find it here. She has an ongoing count of 1000 gifts to be grateful for. So I am starting my thousand at 7 a day. How about you...what are you most grateful for? She cited a study today that people who regarly keep track of what they are grateful for live happier lives and children even do better in school. I also loved today her idea of keeping a basket of thank you notes and stamps always available. I love that idea!!
1. I am grateful for getting to have a dinner date with my husband.
2.  I am grateful for having tea with my friend Brook this afternoon.
3. I am grateful for sweet conversation with Mary Moore in Scotland several times today.
4. I am grateful for sweet conversation with Nancy Page in Waco several times today.
5. I am grateful for my kiln.
6. I am grateful for the inspiration from Ann Voskamp.
7. I am grateful for three daughters.
8. I am grateful I got to see my friend Cindy from California this weekend and go to the art museum,laugh, see fireworks,spend the night in Houston.
So let me know what you are grateful for, I would love to know.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Bunnies are coming

The studio is about to turn into a rabbit  next week. Here is a preview of what's new in the hutch.
 bunny spoons
 bunny and chick cradle cosses
 Easter bunny ornament with a backpack that holds a tiny chick and bunny

A bunny tile with a carrot, a lady bug, a robin's egg and a bee

Lovely Card

Mother's Day or Mothering Sunday in Scotland is April 3rd. My little Scottish lassie sent me a card last year and I was surprised by one in the mail today!! It is so very sweet that I had to share it. Handmade it is which is absolutely my favorite.
The ribbon is soft pink satin and the paper is from the UK. There is no US equivalent  to the smooth feel and delicate hand. 
The illustration is of  geese which are my favorite. Anytime I see a goose in the neighborhood, I always say it will be a good day!
Thanks Mary Moore!!! Love you Birdie!!

Be Kind Be Sweet Be Nice to Everyone You Meet

Be Kind Be Sweet Be Nice to Everyone You Meet
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