Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Etsy is Uo Once Again

After a long lapse my Etsy site is up again. I guess it took me to get all the way to Scotland to once again focus!! haha And I forgot my computer so the pics are a bit fuzzy but the main idea is there. Tomorrow is one of the things i have been most excited about seeing in Glasgow. "Country Living" magazine UK is having a Christmas Fair. I will post pics tomorrow on that.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Traveling in Scotland

Mary Moore (my middle daughter) ia studying at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and so I came to visit for 10 days. Though it is rainy and cold, it is wonderful. This weekend we couldn't decide where to go so we randomly took a train to the Firth of Forth. That is actually a body of water in Eastern Scotland. We went to Fife and more exactly a place in Fife called Aberdour(a village). I think I love to say all those Scottish words! I had asked Mary Moore over and over if she had seen any kilts walking around and her answer was always no until I came this weekend. They were everywhere and all on men! I LOVED it!!! I was a little shy to take their pics so at least you can see the tartan curtains in the Inn were we ate lunch.
We decided to have dinner on the way back in Edinburgh and that was so much fun. We found a flyer at the cozy pub where we had dinner that advertised a play. So we went to the play. And it was fabulous "The Story of a Rabbit" by Hugh Hughes.
Edinburgh was magical at night.
Aberdour was magical by day.
Perfect day.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Clothes-Once Upon a Picnic

Last week week we had our first trunk show for a cute little children's clothing line called "Once Upon a Picnic". Years ago my mother and I had a "Pappagallo" store which sold clothes and shoes and gifts for ladies. So I probably should have done ladies clothes but instead am trying the children's thing!! The funny thing that is though the children's line is going well, I have had constant requests from ladies to do the decorative hoodies for adults!! So watch out, you may see them soon!

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