Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Mornings

We are having way too much fun at our church these days. At 9am every week we have a children's thing called "Fishing for The Word". My great friend Scott Schwandt dons his fabulous fishing attire that would make even J. Crew and Ralph Lauren jealous and he fishes with a real fishing pole on our children stage. His alias is Sam Sam the fisherman and some of the kids actually think that it is really Mr. Scott, but I assure them it is Sam Sam. He runs "The Bait and Tackle shop"on the stage. There is a trap door in the shop where mice live. And these mice "Sing!" The shop is very cool with a real awning and sign and well I will be sure to get a picture up to show you everything.
But this Sunday Sam was fishing and he caught a fish, but we don't want him to catch fish...because we are fishing for the word. So... the word this week was kindness. And the video we watched is now up on You Tube and here is the link:
So enjoy our little video!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Mary Moore standing with a mystical Scottish actor!! Is he really there or just an illusion?!

One of my daughters is studying art at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland this semester. She has a delightful blog Just in case you were wondering, the note in her hand is not directed to me, but to her younger sister!
If you want to recreate what she is doing, then you have to write backwards!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Organization far this empty nest adventure has sparked no organizational skills, has been raining so instead, I have been redoing my set of 12 days of Christmas cards.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Birdies have flown....

The mantle over my kitchen fireplace

The day I have been dreading for 22 years has come. Our three girls have all left and are in college. Nancy Page is at Vanderbilt, Mary Moore is at Davidson, but left yesterday for Scotland to spend the Fall semester at The Glasgow School of Art and Catherine Clare is at Baylor. So I am committed to blog more, and share the projects I am working on.

My first project (actually I am always in the midst of many projects) is to try to organize. I never know what to do with all my original drawings and paper work etc. I always want everything to look cute and filing papers in my desk drawers is just too mundane so... in my garage I have an old wooden 4 drawer filing cabinet. So my idea is to paint it, make it look like a piece of furniture and maybe just maybe I will use it and actually be able to attempt to start a system of filing so I will know where to look for things. I will keep you posted. I am going to try to put it in my kitchen next to the stone fireplace.

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Be Kind Be Sweet Be Nice to Everyone You Meet
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