Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fun at Gallery Show

I had so much fun at the gallery show that I forgot to take pictures!! But my sweet friend Cindy Taylor posted this on Facebook. This is my adorable little friend Lily Taylor. She also looks cute as a button!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gallery Show This Thursday

If you don't live in the area, look for all the valentines on my website on Thursday, as well as the originals from the "S is for Shepherd "book.

You and your friends are invited to:
A Pre-Valentines Gallery Show
children are welcome

Tricia Lowenfield Design studio
Thursday January 27, 2011
-we will have the most amazing selection of original Valentines
-handpainted Valentine ceramic hearts much more, and the opportunity to custom order your own design and saying
-a showing for the very first time of all the original watercolors from "S is for Shepherd"
-some beautiful Valentine confections that you won't see anywhere else
Valentine Portraits!!!!  A local photographer Kimberlee Combs will be on hand . You will sit in my lovely big red wing back chair and have a solo portrait done or one with your family ....just in time to give for Valentines day!!
(when was the last time you did this????)

Can't wait to see you there!!!!!

Mulled wine and Valentine Cookies

Tricia Lowenfield Design Studio website     Blog
31315 Fm 2978 Rd, Magnolia, TX 77354
(Go to where Woodlands Parkway dead ends into 2978 and turn right, we are directly across from Bear Branch Jr. High)
we are open daily Monday-Saturday 10-4

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Cutest Portable Playhouses

There is something in my opinion that is unique about toys made in the UK and in Europe. In a crowd I can always spot them. When I was in NY at the NY Gift Show, I would know immediately if I fell in love with something it was always from Europe.
So I want you to see a cute website with the cutest playhouses.  One of my customers brought one of these to my studio for me to use as inspiration for a piece she commissioned me to do for her.

They are from the UK. It's a cute website with flash. Click here. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Grandfather's Gift

A very sweet grandfather recently asked me to create some baby gifts for two new little grandchildren of his. One for for his new granddaughter and one for his new grandson.
 acrylic on canvas
 acrylic on wood

Child's Table and chairs

It's been a while since I have done a child's table and chair set, but I did one in December for some precious twin girls. The top of the table is metal that I handpainted.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More on Backpack Picnic Baskets

If you were wondering where to go or what to do with a backpack picnic are some ideas:
 boat ride to Newport to take a picnic to the Newport Folk Festival
 Picnic in the woods
just to look cool and so pretty

Shepherd carrying lunch

famous people who use them

Colorado snowshoeing adventure

oh yes...guys use them as well
Here is where you can find out more

New Backpack Picnic Basket

We have lots of new things coming for this spring but I wanted to give you a preview of a new backpack picnic basket.
The original backpack picnic basket was in Country Living Magazine in November of 2008 and it just keeps going on and on! I think this would be a perfect Valentine gift. Wouldn't it be fun if it came filled with a blanket ,plates,candles and everything needed for a lovely Valentine dinner!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Candles on the Christmas Tree

I don't know when the first time was that I saw a picture of a candlelit Christmas tree. Perhaps it was in an old Christmas book, maybe in the years I lived in Boston, maybe in a Tasha Tudor Christmas card.

But I have always wanted a candle lit tree. One year I found candle clips that looked like pine cones but in metal that could hold one single real candle. They looked good but I had read too many stories about Christmas trees catching on fire so I never really lit them.
In November of 2009 when I was in the UK, my daughter took me on a wonderful trip to the Isle of Wight. We went to Osborne House the home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert off the coast of southern England.

There I saw what I didn't know existed...electric candles all over the Christmas tree. So I asked the curator where to purchase some and we spent the afternoon on a wild goose chase all over the town of Cowes on the Isle of Wight in pursuit , but ended up with nothing.
BUT... the great news is.... I HAVE FOUND THEM!!! Of course they didn't come in until after Christmas... but there is always next year. Well, we keep our tree up until January 6th when the 12 days of Christmas end so I will show you what they look like on our tree.

They clip on and are just like the ones we saw in the UK.
If you are interested they are posted on my website if you click on Christmas banner. I am thinking of a way to use them all year long... I do think they would look wonderful tucked into a garland on a fireplace mantel.


My family made a second annual after Christmas jaunt over to west Texas to our family's ranch. It is a magically beautiful place and if you are quite lucky, you will be in the presence of the year round inhabitants. Last year they were hidden from view, but this year they were not so shy. It has been years since we have seen so many of them, really maybe since the girls were very very small. Well anyway I am so glad for you to see what we saw.
 This animal is a Javelina a peckery part of the Hippopotamus family...(I really think it looks like a pig)
They also look a bit like hedgehogs. I think they are cute.

                                                           These are my daughters with their grandfather.

                  These are wild boars...a mama and her babies. Note only one white. The turkeys are watching them run by.
                                                                           Now a white tail deer appears.

                                    These turkeys were heard to say,"Mildred, What did you think of the pecans?"
                                                                                          The wild turkeys.

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