Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Part 2 Children's Room in Houston

For some reason the blog wouldn't let me post one more picture yesterday!! I guess it had had enough but I did have a few more to share!

Handpainted cuckoo clock.

 There is  "First Friends" stage. I actually was there yesterday with my guitar for an open house!
 The other bench that goes to the big table.
 An old cabinet door that I painted on both sides and was hung by a chain in a window that separates two children's rooms.

The other side of the cabinet door.

Hansel and Gretel painting. Scene from when the angels watched over them at night.
 The smaller room has a bunny theme. I cut lots of bunnies out of wood and we hung them on the wall.

This was an old brown chest of drawers that I  painted to go in the bunny room.

There will be Part 3 tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Houston Children's Room

It seems like ages since I have had a chance to write but I have been working all summer long on a project at a downtown Houston church...First Evangelical Lutheran to be exact. It has been a wonderfully fun time and with a very few things left to do I thought it was time to reveal what I have been doing. The church was built in the 1920's and there were challenges with old walls made from plaster and restrictions from the church from redoing the floors, but other than that it was a delightful time with wonderful people!

My watercolor sketches of what I designed the room to look like.

 The hallway
 Watercolor of a dutch girl and dutch boy with red gingham buttons flank each side of the wall.

 The children's program and mother's day out is called "First Friends".

From the hallway if you turn right there you would see the fun!!

 Shiny red trim covers the baseboards and window sills.
We replaced fluorescent lights with church lanterns and painted them red.

 Wooden cabinet doors of a shepherd and shepherdess flank both sides of the cuckoo clock.

 The far wall has these three paintings.

 The wooden table was made to order by the Pastor of the church.

As well as two benches that go with the table.

More pictures will be posted in a few days.

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