Friday, May 14, 2010

Graduation Day for Nancy Page

Today my eldest got her undergraduate degree in American Studies and Political Science from Vanderbilt University.
Her wonderful god parents threw her the most amazing graduation party the night before graduation.

One of her favorite Professors came as well as loads of friends and family.
tia Helen from Charleston,S. C.
friend from high school who also was also graduating from Vanderbilt

little sister in her Tri Delta Sorority
I fell in love with all the school flags that led the processional at graduation. I am sure they will end up in one of my paintings very soon!!
The Chancellor of Vanderbilt gave the graduation talk and the highlights for me were: to follow what intrigues you and what animates you. Don't you love that?? And he said to live out your passions and to WORK HARD.
Wow...a University graduate! What next?!


  1. It's nice to celebrate an intimate gathering with your family and loved ones on your graduation day. When I graduated from college, we also had a dinner with my family near tent rentals-bay area . And I'm happy how my family have been so proud to me.

  2. Ms Lowenfield! I love your blog and of course stopped to scan this one about NP. I miss you and hope you can check out mine- about my experiences in NYC. Miss and love you both.


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