Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 27, 2008 Parenting class

Today in the parenting class that Clark and I lead, we talked about "ponderings of the heart".Think of scripture where the angel Gabriel tells Mary she is expecting God's child. The Bible says"she pondered these things in her heart." Whether it be called thinking or meditating or pondering, we all talk to ourselves in our heart. A child who has just misbehaved or been rude and has been punished might be pushed to anger. Instead, ponder (ha ha)this: explain to the child why he is in trouble, remind him or her they are loved by you and Jesus, but the deed was wrong and why.
Then ask them to sit for a while and think about it in their heart, and when they are ready to, they can come and apologize or talk about it or think of a better way they might handle the mishap next time. Of course this won't work all the time, but there is a chance that instead of thinking how unfair life is and being angry, they might actually ponder that you said you loved them and have a positive outcome for the both of you.
I also used some of my songs as testimony to thoughts on parenting.
The Son on Sunday.... what are you doing to make the son evident in your home on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?
The Good Shepherd Knows My Name.....The Good Shepherd loves you, watches over you and knows your name....Are you making your child feel secure in knowing these awesome realities?
Timothy Tyler... Does your child see you with friends that are so close and dear that you would die for them? Do you have close friends?
God's Crazy About You......Have your children ever seen you forgive someone who has wronged you?
Just some thoughts to ponder on....

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  1. Wow Tricia - Looks good - glad you were inspired to take the leap to blogworld - I will keep visiting to see what you are up to so that we can keep in touch about our various entrepreneurial ventures.
    all the best, marnie


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