Monday, September 7, 2009

The Birdies have flown....

The mantle over my kitchen fireplace

The day I have been dreading for 22 years has come. Our three girls have all left and are in college. Nancy Page is at Vanderbilt, Mary Moore is at Davidson, but left yesterday for Scotland to spend the Fall semester at The Glasgow School of Art and Catherine Clare is at Baylor. So I am committed to blog more, and share the projects I am working on.

My first project (actually I am always in the midst of many projects) is to try to organize. I never know what to do with all my original drawings and paper work etc. I always want everything to look cute and filing papers in my desk drawers is just too mundane so... in my garage I have an old wooden 4 drawer filing cabinet. So my idea is to paint it, make it look like a piece of furniture and maybe just maybe I will use it and actually be able to attempt to start a system of filing so I will know where to look for things. I will keep you posted. I am going to try to put it in my kitchen next to the stone fireplace.

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