Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tile Mirror of Musicians

I recently finished a project for a powder room that was painted a lovely shade of grayish blue. I was asked to create a new mirror and light fixture .I took a painted sample of the color of the wall to the paint store and asked for two more shades in the same family to go with the original wall color.
 Here is what happened:
A peak from right outside the room

 The lamp has one of the flower tiles, a fun little finial and is painted in the same colors as the light fixture over the mirror.

 Every other tile has a different musician. You can see them here.

 The tiles in between are painted to look like wallpaper.

 This is a close up of the light fixture while it was still in my studio. The little flower tiles make of clay showed up all over this bathroom. The original fixture before I painted it was very modern and silver shiny and made to hang the opposite direction. I flipped it over took off the globes that it came with and added metal lamp shades.
Taking pictures of mirrors is still a mystery to me how not to include myself in the shot!!

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