Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kelvingrove Museum

I just found some photos of the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow ,Scotland from my trip there last June. It is an amazing museum with the most wonderful mix of art.
Here is a tease, but you must go and see it sometime for yourself.(Isn't it nice that they allow photography!)

 I only saw men wearing kilts, none on women.
 Can you tell I am in love with all tartan??!! Tartan tails!!

 Love the quote
 Mary Cassatt one of my favorite artists
Mary Moore one of my other favorite artists

 This statue is all white and so tender of a father with his daughter. Speaking of fathers, I just got back from seeing the movie"Courageous"! Don't miss it. Run don't walk. It is wonderful. A must see.
 There is also a natural history part with an amazing display of animals. The bird is in the foreground and an elephant and ostrich are on the floor below. I am on a balcony looking down.

Love this painting!

They also have a lovely gift shop.

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