Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Front Door Wreath

I was kind of liking my matching front door wreaths, but as I came home the other day, I noticed one wreath had changed. In the matter of an hour the two matching wreaths were no more. One had been taken over by an over zealous mother who feverishly was working to feather her nest. She was hysterical! There enough twigs in the one wreath for 3 entire nests. My friend suggested this to be a tiny Carolina Wren. Haven't caught her on film yet, but my husband kindly moved "her" wreath away from "my " wreath so that we would not disturb one another... She did look for her nest for a while but smart little mum that she is figured it out that her plot of wall space had moved and she resumed her job.
There were two matching wreaths, but you will have to imagine that in your head.

The new location is to the left of it's original spot.

The center hole is missing.

If there is any action to report, I will let you know.

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