Saturday, June 5, 2010

A New Life for Robert Rennick Feuille Jr.

I am filled with such admiration for a young man who I spoke about who joined the Lord last week. His memorial service was today so I am so feeling for his family. The picture is of him with his baby boy.

I knew his dad, not so much him but have been overwhelmed with his life and comments people have made about him. He was 28 and had a darling wife and three precious children. He was a writer, but I knew him through the piercing images that he saw through the lens of his camera. He had some amazing and unique talent. He was an artist.

He also had a faith in his Lord that was pure and deep. And he had a way of sharing it. The writers on his blogs were yes friends and family, but the ones that tug at the heart are the doctors and nurses who wrote of his courage and strength and grace. My thinking is that he much have also asked about them and their lives for them to have made an effort to write their feelings about him.

I am thinking of how few memories his children will have of him, just because for whatever reason, children don't remember  much , but how wonderful he filmed his journey and he left a lifetime of art in his photos.

How blessed his children are to have had his legacy of love and the fruit that he bore and shared in his short 28 years on earth. And now he joins his mama in heaven along with his uncles Joe and Patrick who left this earth too early as well . His earthly father loves him so and yet nothing to compare to the arms of his Savior who now embraces him.

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