Sunday, June 6, 2010

Scotland Oh How Fair are you??

My daughter Mary Moore shared some photos with me that I have to ooh and ahh over. She went on an adventure to the Isle of Skye and sweetly shared a glimpse for me to see. So.. I can't but help to show you as well. I am so excited that I want to go grab my paints !! Hope you enjoy the inspiration as well.
I am hoping Mary Moore will use these scenes in some of her upcoming work?!

I am imagining a story about the children who grew up in these colorful cottages.

How lovely to sail away and then come home to your sweet cottage.

Or maybe I would prefer a stone cottage  with a meadow for my sheep and they each would know their names and come running when I called.

Can you see the purple clumps of flowers hanging from the cliff??

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