Monday, January 3, 2011


My family made a second annual after Christmas jaunt over to west Texas to our family's ranch. It is a magically beautiful place and if you are quite lucky, you will be in the presence of the year round inhabitants. Last year they were hidden from view, but this year they were not so shy. It has been years since we have seen so many of them, really maybe since the girls were very very small. Well anyway I am so glad for you to see what we saw.
 This animal is a Javelina a peckery part of the Hippopotamus family...(I really think it looks like a pig)
They also look a bit like hedgehogs. I think they are cute.

                                                           These are my daughters with their grandfather.

                  These are wild boars...a mama and her babies. Note only one white. The turkeys are watching them run by.
                                                                           Now a white tail deer appears.

                                    These turkeys were heard to say,"Mildred, What did you think of the pecans?"
                                                                                          The wild turkeys.

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