Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cake Toppers

I remember going to the bakery each year with my mother and her picking out my sisters and my birthday cakes. But her favorite part was telling them what she would like on top. Not the icing flavor, she would do that as well ,but what was to sit on top to adorn the cake. Sometimes she would buy it from the bakery and other times she would buy it somewhere else like a special toy shop. In those days the bakery had a special glass cabinet of all kind of treasures that could be used for the cake. Sometimes my mother would find a napkin with just the right picture and have the cake decorators copy the image in icing. But the ones I loved the most were when whatever sat on the cake could then be kept as a remembrance of that particular birthday.
So in honor of my mother the other day I made from clay lots of cake toppers that I think she would have liked.

Some of them are listed here.

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