Monday, April 11, 2011

Being Grateful

I found a blog that I love and you can find it here. She has an ongoing count of 1000 gifts to be grateful for. So I am starting my thousand at 7 a day. How about you...what are you most grateful for? She cited a study today that people who regarly keep track of what they are grateful for live happier lives and children even do better in school. I also loved today her idea of keeping a basket of thank you notes and stamps always available. I love that idea!!
1. I am grateful for getting to have a dinner date with my husband.
2.  I am grateful for having tea with my friend Brook this afternoon.
3. I am grateful for sweet conversation with Mary Moore in Scotland several times today.
4. I am grateful for sweet conversation with Nancy Page in Waco several times today.
5. I am grateful for my kiln.
6. I am grateful for the inspiration from Ann Voskamp.
7. I am grateful for three daughters.
8. I am grateful I got to see my friend Cindy from California this weekend and go to the art museum,laugh, see fireworks,spend the night in Houston.
So let me know what you are grateful for, I would love to know.

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