Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Things in The Woodlands Town Center and free gift

If you are still looking for a special Easter gift and are in The Woodlands, you can come to my studio or you can go to the heart of Town Center. The Woodlands Methodist Church on the corner of Lake Woodlands and Lake Front. They have a gift shop called "Gracepoint". And Penny who runs the shop has been so nice to give me my own venue inside the store.
I have lots of Easter things, my books and CD's and some handpainted pottery and crosses. They are open on Monday-Thursday from 9-3pm. They are also open on Sunday morning.
And there is  a cafe as well.

If you go there and buy 2 of my books, you will get a free Easter cross. But you will have to tell Penny because I am only telling you about the free gift!

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