Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby Robins at Last!!

Okay so I know I am obsessed with the robins, but for someone who has avoided birds her whole life it's kind of like a child like discovery so please bear with me!! haha

This week we got back from Scotland and the minute we pulled into the driveway I jumped out to see if the robins had been hatched. And sure enough there was one baby with it's mouth wide open and no parents around. My camera had a dead battery from the trip so I didn't capture the moment that day. The next day it rained really hard and I went to check and the mama bird was sitting on top of her babies and took the rain for them.

Then yesterday I finally got the pictures I had been wanting to show you. There were not one but TWO babies!!! So here they are.

 See the little head peaking up?

 Two days ago they had a lot more fluffy stuff on them. 
I think they are about 9 days old.

And then this morning the mama bird is back watching guard.

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