Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Following the Robin

Any of you that know me well ,know that a couple of years ago robins came into my life. This all happened when a robin knocked at one of my daughter's windows at Christmas time everyday for a week. It was always at the same time each day and  I wrote a poem about it and....Now a wise vet friend of mine told me that in The Woodlands where we live, robin's used to come for about 3 weeks in January and that was it. is June and for the last month I have watched a robin build her nest in our front yard tree. I watched her spin around in circles to make it just right and round enough. I have seen bits of paper and things from our yard adorn her abode and I have watched her sit on it. I still have not seen or heard any babies, but she now is facing in a different direction in the nest. Maybe her babies still will hatch.
The funny thing is that when she stands at the side of her nest she looks so big and strong, but when she is in the nest, she looks small and fragile. I guess having had birdies of my own, I remember the waiting time in my own nest. We can feel fragile in the waiting. Not knowing who we will soon meet that will change us forever!!

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Be Kind Be Sweet Be Nice to Everyone You Meet
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