Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New Hat

Each year around this time there is a phenomena called March Madness that involves baskets and balls and colleges. In this there is a time when out of a field of all the college basketball teams the field of all gets narrowed. First you must be invited to play in the tournament at all, then there is the "Sweet Sixteen", then the "Elite Eight". Now...think about that ,only the parents of  students of 8 colleges or universities in the USA can boast on any particular year that their child's current school is part of the elite group. We were so privileged to be one of those very parents two years ago when Mary Moore was at Davidson. She gave her father a hat commemorating the event.
Well..what are the chances that if you fast forward two years to today and our Catherine Clare would be needing to buy her father that same hat, but in green and yellow and reading "2010 Men's Elite Eight BAYLOR".
We got to host 17 of Catherine Clare friends last night to a sleep over after the game as this year it was played in Houston!
And then there is tomorrow when Baylor plays Duke in this very game. Maybe Clark will get a chance at a "Final Four" hat. We shall see .

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