Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiles are back

I have been working on a really fun tile project that was finished yesterday!
Here are the guys installing it.

The inscription by Ralph Waldo Emerson is a favorite of my client it reads:
Life does not move so fast that there is not enough time for courtesy.  Let there always be time, too, for sharing, and for gratitude.

The same house has some fun additions in the breakfast room that we recently added to.
I painted the cutest light fixture red with white details, monogrammed some lampshades, made a pleated edges and trimmed the monogram with taffeta checked ribbon and old buttons.
My very creative and fun client had seen a wooden valance that I had done for someone else and envisioned the same thing in her breakfast room. She already had the cute curtains and the red tray ceiling.
The framed print on the wall is a darling Christmas Card from the White House since she once worked for First Lady Laura Bush. It was where all the fun colors from the breakfast room came from!
There is more to come from this house soon.


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